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Our Core Values

TMSE Core Values

Tuscaloosa Magnet Schools-Elementary (TMSE) strives to "Color the World with Character" through our daily actions and words. This is heavily implemented through our Core Values: Caring, Principled, Respect, Critical Thinker, and Integrity. With an overall goal to create a positive environment for all stakeholders, our core values guide instruction, daily language, interactions, and the impact we leave on others throughout TMSE. The core values are embedded within our school pledge and are discussed continuously throughout the school year. Teachers use the core values to guide class discussions and expectations for behavior and social interactions. This year, each core value is paired with a Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Focus. We invite you to join in on the discussions at home to continue implementing these important and meaningful values at home. Some examples include showing respect and cleaning up before leaving a room or being principled and doing the right thing, even when others are not around.

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